Frequently Asked & Questions

We provide consulting, market research, data collection, consumer experts, and local talent services to help businesses make informed decisions.We offer new approaches, tools for data collection services of research surveys, focus groups, and prototype testing, and work with local talent to provide a deep understanding of local insights and consumer preferences. We use the latest market research methods and tools to gather valuable insights and provide actionable recommendations.We are a go-to resource for businesses looking for market research services to succeed in today's new marketplace.

We are collective expertise to create new job opportunities, entrepreneurship, and sustainable economic growth. By providing research tools, resources, and connections need to succeed, we empower local businesses to drive innovation and new concepts. Through our research initiatives, and networking opportunities, we connect talented individuals with local businesses, government agencies, and organizations invested in Myanmar's future. Whether you're a researcher, entrepreneur, or someone who cares about the future of our country, we invite you to join us on this journey.